Other documents

This page links a list of downloadable documents (e.g. presentations, posters, newsletters, leaflets) related to the PALANTIR project.

Title Comment Date Author
Newsletter nr. 6 Final Requirements, Dissemination, Standardisation 2023-03 PALANTIR consortium
Leaflet nr. 5 Hybrid Threat Intelligence 2022-12 PALANTIR consortium
Newsletter nr. 5 Integration and Use Cases 2022-12 PALANTIR consortium
Leaflet nr. 4 Threat Management and Sharing 2022-07 PALANTIR consortium
Newsletter nr. 4 Data pre-processing, Anomaly Detection, Threat classification, Recommendation & Remediation 2022-05 NEC, SPH, INFILI, POLITO
Leaflet nr. 3 Secure Services 2022-05 PALANTIR consortium
PALANTIR poster Project description 2022-03 PALANTIR consortium
Newsletter nr. 3 Dashboard, Breach management, Service matching, Attestation 2022-03 UBI, SFERA, I2CAT, HPELB
Newsletter nr. 2 PALANTIR newsletter nr. 2 2022-01 UMU, I2CAT, UBI
Leaflet nr. 2 Innovation and results 2021-11 PALANTIR consortium
Newsletter nr. 1 The first PALANTIR's newsletter 2021-07 PALANTIR consortium
Leaflet nr. 1 Scope and Motivation of PALANTIR project 2021-07 PALANTIR consortium