NEC Laboratories Europe (NLE)

Established in 1997, NEC Laboratories Europe (NLE) is located in Heidelberg, Germany. Research and development functions are integrated into the same organization in order to shorten the time to market of cutting-edge Information and Communication Technologies. Special emphasis is placed on solutions that meet the needs of NEC's European customers. NEC Laboratories Europe collaborates with NEC's global research organizations in Japan, China, Singapore, India and the United States, as well as with NEC’s worldwide business units. Research, Development and Standardization at NEC Laboratories Europe focus on four major areas: Data Science, System Platforms for IoT and AI, Security and 5G Networks. Within these areas, NEC Laboratories Europe cooperates with many external partners from research, industry and public organizations in an open innovation environment. Technologies in fields such as digital health, lifeline and communication infrastructures, safer cities and public services that are created at the NEC Laboratories Europe enable the NEC Group to offer solutions to accelerate a better and safer society based on Information Technologies.

Roles in the project

  • Support use-case analysis and requirements elicitation
  • Contribution on the analytics-related tasks
  • Development of novel deep-learning algorithms for the detection of complex cyber threats and other anomalies from the accumulated muti-modal network data
  • Contribution on the integration and validation of the PALANTIR components

Reference contacts

  • Dr. Roberto Bifulco
  • Dr. Davide Sanvito
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