Stratiotiki Sxoli Evelpidon (, is the Officer cadet school of the Greek Army and the oldest tertiary level educational state institution in Greece. SSE is Among World’s Ten Most Prestigious Military Academies, currently holding the 8th position.

SSE participates in PALANTIR through the Laboratory of Machines, Intelligent & Distributed Systems (LMIDS). The Laboratory of Machines, Intelligent & Distributed Systems is a unit of SSE and constitutes a centre for Research, Development and Education in the Security and Defense sector. The Laboratory focuses on Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Multi-Agent Systems, Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing, Cybersecurity, IoT and Web Intelligence.

The main role of this lab is to educate undergraduate and postgraduate students in the theoretical concepts and techniques of modern Intelligent Systems, as well as provide the necessary environment for PhD students to carry out cutting-edge research in this area. It’s focus is on using such technologies to build systems that encompass both hardware and software, and are of practical use in human endeavours and military and defense applications.

Roles in the project

  • SSE is heavily involved in WP5 (Hybrid Threat Intelligence), in the development of analytics-based anomaly detection and threat classification algorithms (T5.2, T5.3), attack simulation for traffic generation (T5.3) where SSE brings its expertise in countering cyberwar actions and privacy breaches from their participation in national cyber defence exercises (e.g. “PANOPTIS”).
  • SSE will contribute to the overall design and technical implementation of the threat sharing platform’s core back-end components in WP4 as well as to the dissemination of the projects results of WP7.

Reference contacts

  • Prof. Nikolaos Papadakis
  • Prof. Konstantinos Karamatsoukis
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