Fundació i2CAT, Internet I Innovació Digital a Catalunya (i2CAT)

i2CAT is a non-profit technology centre that promotes R&D and Innovation activities in the field of Information and Communication Technologies and the Future Internet. The centre invests in a new model of innovation, the Quadruple Helix, based on the collaboration among industry, public administration, academic institutions and citizens, through an open innovation environment that is characteristic of the Internet culture.

i2CAT has an extensive experience in National and European research and innovation projects, leading the implementation of Future Internet technologies in the main economic sectors (Health, Audiovisual, Industry, Culture, Telecommunications) in order to improve productivity and competitiveness in companies and the well-being in society.

Roles in the project

  • Driving the SDN/NFV based cyber security solution, specifically the Security Service Orchestration.
  • Leads WP4 (Threat Management and Sharing) with focus on characterization, verification, and storage of secure services.
  • Contribution to deep learning solutions for anomaly detection
  • Contribution on the integration and assessment activities
  • Contribution on the dissemination, standardization and exploitation plans

Reference contacts

  • Muhammad Shuaib Siddiqui
  • Carolina Fernández
  • Maxime Compastié
  • Jordi Guijarro
  • Nil Ortiz
  • Josep Escrig
  • Albert Calvo
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