Hewlett-Packard Limited (Labs) (HPELB) (It withdrew from the project on 01/09/22)

Hewlett-Packard provides business offerings in more than 170 countries, centred on infrastructures and services that transform IT into a business enabler allowing our customers to operate their business effectively and efficiently. Hewlett-Packard Labs is the exploratory and advanced research group for Hewlett-Packard (https://www.labs.hpe.com/).

Hewlett-Packard’s Security and Manageability Lab based in Bristol has been leading research into security, trusted systems and trusted infrastructure for over fifteen years.

Researchers also focus on elements of security and trust such as privacy, accountability, risk management and the economics of security and are leading contributors to in many industry initiatives such as the Trusted Computing Group (TCG).

Roles in the project

  • Leading the overall project requirements, technical architecture and business model definition to ensure that it will be commercially relevant and realistic
  • Securing the infrastructure where the vNSFs will run, leveraging the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) technology and the TCG techniques that they already develop in SECURED project
  • Contribution on the vNSF developing, with some functionalities that they already provide and that will be integrated to the project
  • Contribution on data analysis by integrating their data analysis module into the project's platform
  • Contribution on the developing of the recommendation and remediation engine

Reference contacts

  • Ludovic Jacquin
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