Infili Technologies Private Company (INFILI)

Infili is a research intensive SME that utilizes a unique combination of high-end technologies as an outcome of many years of R&D experience and is structured around a pool of highly qualified and motivated engineers with expertise in international projects.

Infili focuses in Software development, Data Mining, PM and Consulting services by utilizing market standards such as PRINCE2 and ISO 9001. Security ISO 27001 guidelines are followed in deploying solutions and handling third party information data.

The company main competences are focused on machine learning algorithms, as well as advanced SW engineering solutions spanning a wide range of SOA and SaaS principles including flavors on Big Data through advanced techniques for managing large unstructured data sets.

Roles in the project

  • Providing technologies for the fast and accurate analysis of large data sets that will be derived from different sources in the network, such as firewalls and outcome of deep packet inspection
  • Exploring techniques for quickly creating and applying scalable machine learning applications
  • Exploring traversal algorithms for efficient event detection and hidden relations

Reference contacts

  • Dr. Antonis Litke
  • Dimitris Papadopoulos, MSc
Logo of Infili Technologies Private Company