Politecnico di Torino (POLITO)

POLITO is one of the major technical universities in Italy, fully devoted to engineering and architecture education, with about 30,000 students at the bachelor, master and doctorate levels. POLITO is a research university, with nearly 60% of its budget coming from research contracts.

Within POLITO the project activities will be carried out by researchers of DAUIN (the Dept. of Computer and Control Engineering) through its TORSEC security group (http://security.polito.it)

With respect to the topics addressed in this proposal, TORSEC has a good experience in Trusted Computing platforms, cybersecurity for large ICT systems, and security ontologies (and related knowledge-based reasoning systems).

Roles in the project

  • Contribution on the design and architecture for both vNSFs infrastructure and the Big Data engine
  • Contribution on the establishing of a topology for cybersecurity data to structure heterogeneous data
  • Securing the project infrastructure to avoid external modification and impersonation of devices or vNSFs running in the network
  • Dissemination of the project results

Reference contacts

  • Antonio Lioy (lioy at polito dot it)
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